Your oral health is important to us.  It is our primary mission to help you create and maintain a beautiful smile with functioning teeth.  Dr.Howard and her staff offer a variety of services that will restore your smile and help you speak and eat effectively. They include:

  • Emergency visits:  Do you suffer dental pain?  Give us a call today.  We give priority to patients in pain and offer same day or next day appointment in most cases.
  • White spot removal: remove white spot lesions caused by fluorosis, development, braces, and tetracycline stains.  We use a composite resin material to restore uniform coloration to your teeth.  No drilling or injections required.  Conservative painless and affordable treatment option.
  • Dentures and partials: replace an entire set of teeth, or replace just one or two that might be missing or damaged.  This is usually an affordable method to restore many missing teeth.
  • Bridgework: by anchoring on surrounding teeth, one to several missing teeth can be restored by a fixed prothesis.
  • Fillings: addresses cavities as soon as possible.
  • Root canals: relieves dental pain caused by infected and dying teeth.  This procedure removes the infection in the nerve canal in the center of the tooth and seals the space to prevent subsequent infections.  This procedure in most cases must be followed by the placement of a crown to ensure bacteria do not repenetrate the canal space.
  • Dental implants: with the help of an oral surgeon or periodontist, implants are inserted which fasten your artificial teeth or dentures.  Restoring teeth with implant is a predictable and reliable long term treatment option for most patients.  Dentures supported by implants also results in better stability and retention.
  • Cosmetic bonding: eliminate small gaps in between teeth without orthodontic procedures.
  • Teeth whitening: bring vibrancy and glow back to your smile.  We offer both take home bleaching trays and in office whitening procedures.
  • Porcelain veneers: customize the perfect smile that fits right over your existing teeth.  Usually a good treatment option for patients with multiple stained and worn front teeth.  It may also be a good option for patients with minor misaligned front teeth and who do not want to go through orthodontic procedures.
  • Invisalign: clear braces that align your teeth.  It is a good option for some patients who do not want braces but want to put their teeth in better alignment.
  • “Happy visit” and pediatric dental services: we would love to include your newborn into our patient family.  Bring your newborn with you for a free “Happy Visit”, get her or him prepared for their six months visit.
  • Sedation dentistry: we offer nitrous and oral sedation for most of the procedures.  Please let us know your need upon scheduling, so we can ensure to have the proper setup for the procedure. We also offer movies on Gear VR, and you can enjoy a movie during your cleaning or treatments.
  • Botox and fillers: we offer major brands of botulinumtoxin and filler materials in the market to address dental concerns, relieve TMJ joint pain and enhance facial aesthetics.


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