First Trip to Howard Family Dental—What to expect?

Friendly faces and Zero wait time: at our office, our experienced office manager, Tammi, schedules every procedure properly to make sure you are the one and only priority for your appointment.  Most of our patients experience zero to under five minutes of wait time.  However, unplanned events do happen in rare cases.  If we know that we will be behind in our schedule, we always inform you immediately to work out a new appointment time.  We respect your time and we never put our patients on stand by.

One X-ray is good for most:  We no longer routinely stick bulky sensors inside every patient’s mouth.  With our state of the art Panoranmic X-ray machine, Dr. Howard can make the most of her diagnosis from one X-ray taken from out-side of your mouth.  Most of our patients only need one X-ray to cover all the digital images needed for the whole year.  If you have a strong gag reflex or are concerned about your X-ray exposure amount, our office will take care of your dental needs with the least amount of exposures possible.

Conservative and Personalized treatment plans:  Our office is structured to work for you, not insurance companies.  We are responsible for your dental needs and oral health.  Our office is not contracted with any insurance companies, that makes you, our patient, as the only party we are responsible for.  In our office, your diagnostic, hygiene and treatment needs are determined on an individual level.  We do not follow insurance companies’ compensation structures to maximize profit.  Dr. Howard strongly believes in preventive care and minimally invasive dentistry.  She makes treatment plans that are genuinely good for you and your teeth.  We believe that building relationships for a lifetime is the only way for our business to grow.

Customized teeth cleaning experience:  We care about your preferences.  Teeth cleaning is one of the most frequent treatment we provide, and we would like to provide it just the way you like.  Every new patient gets to choose between the cavitron or hand instruments for your preferred method of cleaning.  We also provide warm water for patients with sensitive teeth.  It is your option if you wish to receive polishing with paste.  You also get to choose your shows to watch on Netflix during your cleaning.  Most new patients receive their cleaning from Dr. Howard on their first visit.  Dr. Howard takes the first cleaning appointment as an opportunity to get to know each one of her patients and set up the right expectation for the quality of service they will be receiving.








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